About Us

A dedicated Management and Holding Company for a majority of the subsidiaries and business units in the Group. The company is a large and extensively diversified business conglomerate in Sri Lanka responsible for making decisions on the overall Business Strategy for the Group and investing in new business ventures while overlooking the overall Operations, Finance, HR, IT and Administration.

Our Vision

A strong entrepreneurial culture is at the heart of the Sumathi family business. Every phase of time the business has gone through, we have tried to transform our value chain in a manner that serves our stakeholders the best, by adhering to our values of honesty and integrity.

Our vision moving forward will be to become a dominant force in every industry we operate, while contributing towards the development of our nation and its’ citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a sustainable business that brings merits and profitability to the entire society, while remaining true to our beliefs and the highest level of integrity.

We will strive to conduct business with our ethics and mind, to achieve product and service excellence. This will ultimately guide us to become the strongest, most innovative, and diversified group in the region.


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