Through Thilanga Sumathipala Foundation a Movement of people working with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Also to upgrade peoples living standards with training on self-employment projects, disaster management, Protecting Women's and Children's rights, Developing sports and recreations.

Recognizing true excellence in the television medium by awarding distinction in the areas of creativity, innovation and craft. Through this endeavour the Sumathi Awards seeks to raise the standards of entertainment in this country and applaud those who display passion and challenge the norm.

Through the Milina Sumathipala foundation up-holding the legacy of the Late Dr. Milna Sumathipala of her devotion to Buddhism, Education philanthropy and artistic endeavor. Upgrading and assisting Buddhist institutions, appreciating and promoting level of Buddhist teaching, awarding scholarships for the university elected, OL & AL best results holders and annual donation of school books among children of the sumi employees.

Milina Matha Foundation

In commemoration of the exemplary life of the late Chairperson of Sumathi Universal (Pvt) Ltd., the Milina Matha Foundation was established to continue her tradition of assisting in educational needs and elevating Buddhist teachings.

Thilanga Sumathipala Foundation

Founded in 2006 with the goal of creating a better future, the Thilanga Sumathipala Foundation under the leadership of Hon. Thilanga Sumathipala, has impacted countless lives in the last decade through its many activities. The foundation's work extends across a broad range of social and environmental needs including humanitarian needs, poverty alleviation and social development, environmental activities, urban development, disaster management, rehabilitation and more.

Looking to the future, the Foundation has plans to implement programmes aimed towards empowering women, children, the elderly, youth and Buddhism.

Vesak Day - 2023

Sumathi Awards

From the inception in the 1995 for the past 24 years the precious Sumathi Award Ceremony has recognized achievements of talented outstanding individuals those who perform in teledramas and television media in contributing, elevating television industry and television screen. Sumathi 25th award ceremony upheld in year 2020 and continue in the years to come to encourage the growth and advancement of Sri Lanka's television industry.

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